Our Story - Behind the Brand

Life is all about creating a balance. A balance between work and play. A balance between strength and style. It is our mission to create products that strike a balance between innovations in science and the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer.

At Ryan Scott we have worked to find that balance by blending natural ingredients with ingredients man has created through scientific discovery. In doing so we have created one of the safest and most effective product lines on the market. 

From about the age of 12, I have been a hair guy. I have always been concerned with not only how my hair looked, but also about what exactly I was putting in it and how the products smelled. For years I was in search of the perfect products and fragrance. Through recommendations of hair stylists, retail store owners, drug store employees, etc. I have tried more products over the years than I can count. There seemed to be 2 outcomes whenever I would try something new. Either they had a great ingredient list, but after using them a few times I would wind up being disappointed with poor hold or flaking occurring after a couple of hours of applying them, or they had undesirable ingredients and smelled horrible. These products would hold my hair however my hair would be dried out and my scalp irritated. I was constantly on the lookout for that perfect marriage of health & function. So after years of trial and error, I came to the conclusion that there was a void for a product that not only offered healthy ingredients and smelled fresh, but also does what you truly need from a hair product, perform.

With that philosophy, Ryan Scott was born. We believe that after years of research and development, we have created products you will approve of and will recommend to friends and family for years to come.

Our Story - Ryan Scott Hair Products